A jackpot party is taking place at Bitstarz. Players have been hitting jackpot after jackpot, breaking records at the casino and within the casino industry. Just a few days ago, a player broke his own previous jackpot record of 95 BTC, with a 150 BTC win! The secret: He switched from playing Lucky Coin – where he established the 95 BTC jackpot record – and started playing Diamond Wild. Well, it turns out that slot was loaded and ready for the taking!


Bitstarz just recently enabled iSoftbet games in May, becoming the first casino to offer iSoftbet slots for both fiat and Bitcoin players. This enabled the historic 150 bitcoin win on Tuesday, August 9th, 2016. Diamond Wild is one of the most popular iSoftbet slots, and it is known for its huge jackpots. This player is living proof with an unprecedented win, unique even by iSoftbet standards for fiat or bitcoin gaming.


What is more incredible about this story still, is that the same player, who had set a 95 bitcoin jackpot record…

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