2016/09/18 11:00 AM

BitShares Munich is building the future of digital payments.

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BitShares Munich Announces BlockPay, Holds Successful ‘Pre-ICO’

bitsharesAfter securing a considerable financial footing following their recent pre-initial coin offering (pre-ICO), the Germany-based independent software development company is poised to deliver on their prospective vision to reshape the digital payment landscape for businesses and consumers, on a global scale.

The company’s crowdsale wrapped up on Sept. 5, ending after 13 days. BitShares Munich raised 1,095 bitcoin (BTC), roughly US $657,000 at the time of the sale’s end.

According to Christoph Hering, founder and CEO of BitShares Munich, there are 100 million BlockPay tokens in total but only 6.5 million were…

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