BitQuick has resumed operations after temporarily shutting down due to a hack on March 17th. It has also announced that it has been purchased by Athena Bitcoin Inc.  Athena Bitcoin is known for their line of Bitcoin ATMs.

The BitQuick brand and website will remain live and, for the time being, remain separate from Athena’s Bitcoin ATM website. The team behind BitQuick, Jad Mubaslat and Chad Davis will also remain on board. The sale to Athena Bitcoin is not a surprise. The March 17th blog post also expressed a desire to hand off management of the company to another entity due to “personal reasons.”

BitQuick stated that no funds were lost, though personal information for its users may have been accessed by the hackers. At the time of the announcement, the exchange said it expected to be back in a month. It missed that deadline and media outlets openly speculated that they would fail to relaunch.

The blog post announcing the hack has seemingly been removed from the…

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