2016/08/26 6:00 AM

Bitmain is taking a new approach to getting more people involved in bitcoin mining. Bitmain is introducing the AntMiner R4, and their new PSU: the APW5. According to the company, both products are made with a broader range of users in mind, both utilizing new cooling systems to improve heat dissipation and noise output.

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The New Bitmain AntMiner R4

Bitmain AntMiner R4

The AntMiner R4 is a new line of bitcoin ASIC miners aimed at the average consumer. This miner uses the new 16 nm ASIC, with a 8 th/s to 8.6 th/s hash rate. A new cooling and styling design keeps the R4’s noise levels low, reportedly peaking around the 50 to 52 dB range. Bitmain says the R4’s new fan system is inspired by silent air conditioning systems.

Bitmain has this to say about the fan design:

“Fans have long been the single biggest source of noise in any bitcoin miner. The R4’s design team found a simple but unique solution to…

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