2016/10/04 5:40 PM

After taking a week off to visit Charlie Shrem, and having a block size showdown with Roger Ver, Chris DeRose and Junseth are back to their regular schedule on Bitcoin Uncensored. Episode 49 is a big one, covering a wide range of topics in the hosts’ unique and uncensored fashion. However, before jumping into the news, the guys wanted to know what Bitcoin icon MK Lords thinks about the show.

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Bitcoin Uncensored 49: “Faith in Guh-neesis”

Apparently, she’s “undecided.” We’ll let you decide whether that’s good or bad for Chris and Junseth.

First on the list for episode 49 is OneCoin. Most of the cryptocurrency knows about this scam by now, but there are still a lot of people falling for the ponzi hype. Recently, the OneCoin team released an announcement about the launch of its new blockchain, which coincides with a doubling of user funds.

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