2016/09/17 5:00 AM

A few days have passed, and not much has changed. Despite all the hoopla surrounding the bitcoin price’s recent rise to $620, a drop has occurred, and everyone’s favorite coin is still hovering in the low $600 range.

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One source writes:

“Bitcoin price trend remains up, but a downward correction prior to the next wave of advance remains likely… We’re waiting for price to either surge higher or make a surprise downward correction, but the market’s uncertainty to choose a direction keeps price action on a tightrope… Of course, we’d like to see an explosive upward price move here, but the downside risk remains.”

SolidX Adding Fuel to the Party?

And yet, despite what appears to be general indecisiveness, bitcoin is still expected to see a bull run shortly, thanks in large part to SolidX Management, LLC. The company has built what many believe will be…

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