2016/09/07 5:00 AM

The bitcoin price has done it again! After much speculation, the price of everyone’s favorite digital currency has broken the $600 level, and for the most part, bullish trends are expected to continue.

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Bitcoin Price Set for Continued Rise

Image result for bitcoin price hikeOne source writes:

“Price is advancing above $600… It’s hard to conceive how the market will now reverse trend into decline. The declining scenarios mentioned during the past two weeks are negated by the massive volume required to push price $25 higher in a single candle. Ongoing advance is the most probable outcome.”

Another source agrees, and seems to believe that bitcoin will hit an even larger goal within the week:

“Indicators suggest that the market will continue its uptrend. Prices in the $625-650 range seem attainable in the short-term. The long-term could see prices move up towards $680-700 if trend…

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