2016/10/06 8:05 AM

The bitcoin price hasn’t moved since our last price piece, and $611 remains as the mark where bitcoin makes its present home. However, despite the sideways movement, billionaire Bill Gross seems optimistic

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One source describes the action:

“Things haven’t gone great so far. We’re not down on the markets or anything – we’re a little bit up on our Monday balance – but things have been incredibly dull. When we get action like this, all we can do is sit and wait, maybe dabble with an attempt at a fundamental bias for a bit of variety. The thing is, you only really realize it when you pull out of the intraday charts a little, but despite everything that’s going on as part of the underlying framework in the bitcoin space, its flagship – price – is not really up to much. Take a look at the dailies, and you’ll see no action of note before the…

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