Some reports are making claims of how large investors are starting to flock to Bitcoin. Rumors like these have been floating around the Internet for quite some time now, although there has been little evidence to back it up. Several investors have gone on the record to tell the world how they diversify an investment portfolio. Central banks are hitting the glass ceiling as to how much they can do to fix the situation.

Investors Eye Bitcoin As The Grand Prize

To Bitcoin enthusiasts, it only makes sense to invest in cryptocurrency these days. The same could be said several years ago when Bitcoin started making media headlines for the first time. But despite what some people may think, it is never too late to invest in Bitcoin.

Carlo Civelli, a billionaire resource investor, stated the following:

“Central banks cannot get away with all of the monetary printing forever. If we all talk about the end game and a scenario of total collapse, I can see the governments telling…

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