2016/10/22 8:03 AM

Recently, EasyBit announced the installation of 6 Bitcoin ATMs in 4 states across the US. The company expressed confidence in the future success of these machines, even dismissing news that “money mules” had used Bitcoin ATMs to launder money as a service to other criminals.

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The money mule accusations  are the latest in a long and growing list of alleged crimes that have been facilitated by Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Since the mainstream discovery of the Silk Road marketplace, mainstream media and anti-Bitcoin pundits have tried to connect Bitcoin use to drug trafficking, kidnapping, terrorism financing and myriad other crimes.

EasyBit, however, doesn’t seem phased by these claims, continuing their business of installing Bitcoin ATMs in new locations, hoping to stimulate a bitcoin economy in new markets.

Bitcoinist got the chance to ask Michael Dupree,…

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