One of the fastest growing industries right now is eSports. Tournaments and events surrounding online gaming have evolved, catching the attention of savvy tech companies that are looking for sponsorship. It was just time until the bitcoin connection emerged, as a highly compatible vehicle to promote bitcoin based businesses during eSporting events, or through eSport teams. Within these emerging partnerships, some have a branding impact that goes well beyond both worlds. Such is the case of Echofox and Gemini.

Prominent Names in Avant-garde Industries

On the surface the names Echofox and Gemini don’t say a lot about the accolades of the people running the organizations. It takes just one look beyond the headlines to start connecting the stories and understand the potential for success. On one side, Echofox is Rick Fox’s eSports team. Rick Fox had a very successful career as a professional basketball player, and was a prominent figure on LA Lakers teams led by Kobe Bryant and…

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