2016/07/26 5:00 AM

A new blockchain service, BitCluster, is making it easier for people to snoop through the Bitcoin blockchain in search of information they are trying to find.

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BitCluster: The Bitcoin Deanonymizer

BitCluster claims to be the “Bitcoin Deanonymizer,” and according to the official site, it is an open source tool that analyzes all bitcoin transactions and regroups wallet addresses according to their incoming and outgoing transactions.bitcluster-logo

This reportedly makes it easier to map out a person’s online activities through bitcoin no matter how many different public addresses are used. After running BitCluster’s script, the service’s creators produced a 200 GB database of mapped blockchain transactions. The work produced from this open-source tool is now available for anyone to look over at Github.

The BitCluster technique can also be used to analyze ransomware and illicit markets. Before…

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