2016/09/15 10:25 AM

On September 14th, 2016, professional services firm, KPMG, announced a suite of services built around distributed ledgers and how companies can implement them into their business models.

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KPMG and Microsoft Partner Up to Create Blockchain Solutions

As part of this effort, KPMG will collaborate with Microsoft in a partnership they say will combine the best aspects of both firms to offer the best experience for their clients.

Canadian IT advisory leader for KPMG, Yvon Audette, specified some of the parameters of the collaboration.

“Through this collaboration, we are combining KPMG’s proficiency in business transformation and wide-ranging services with Microsoft’s industry-leading cloud technologies and business solutions,” he said.

“In turn,” Audette elaborated, “this will allow companies to improve their scale, agility and gain valuable insights across the…

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