Ever since dice became the first blockchain game ever, it has captured the imagination of players and developers alike, throughout the world of bitcoin. As the blockchain evolved and developers started experimenting with new versions, the web exploded with different options and operators to play dice at. Now, BetKing has risen to the task of introducing the latest revolution to bitcoin dice that will make you want to shake and roll nonstop.

BetKing just took one of the single best features that you can have online, and gave its dice game a twist. Its developers have finished crafting a community version of dice, called Social Dice. To up the ante, the release of this revolutionary version of bitcoin dice, comes packed with prize money for you to roll and rake in!

Place your bet, shake and roll for the unique chance to win a progressive jackpot! Yes, you read it right, progressive jackpots on a social bitcoin dice game, what else could you ask for? There are two kinds of progressive…

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