2016/07/19 6:00 PM

A bitcoin gambler has achieved a record breaking win of 250 bitcoins on BetKing.io, crediting a “unique gambling strategy” for the largest single payout in the platform’s history.

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BetKingThe casino announced this record win on July 15. At press time, the 250 bitcoin payout is valued at more than $168 thousand USD.

The winner, whose username is TRK_L8_UH-btches, is well-known in the bitcoin gambling world, and a regular player at BetKing. The casino reports that TRK won the 250 bitcoin with a single dice roll on June 23. Crediting a “unique strategy,” the casino says that TRK made bets for amounts ranging from 25 to 100 bitcoins, working their way up to the 250 bitcoin bet.

Until TRK’s win, BetKing’s record for the highest single…

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