2016/08/11 10:05 PM

The bitcoin price is flat. Did you expect a major move after bitfinex came back online? Tired of over-trading, having your eyes bleed while staring at charts that don’t move? Take a break and bet the Olympics.

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Bitcoin Betting Picks for the Olympics

Women’s Soccer

Rio 2016 OlympicsThe Women’s soccer quarterfinals are on Friday. The favorites to win USA had a hard time against Colombia and ended up with a 2-2 draw. They still finished at the top of their group, having beat France 1-0.

The USA faces Sweden, who has not looked that great, with one victory 1-0 over South Africa and only two goals scored in the tournament.

The game to watch out for is Canada vs. France. With a win over Germany, Canada and top goal scorer Janine Beckie (3 goals) has shown that they are a force to be dealt with, and face the tough team: France. If Canada wins against France, I wouldn’t be surprised for them to have the momentum to make it to the…

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