2016/09/02 11:52 AM

Baikal miner has recently updated their X11 miners to support multiple algorithms. The new algorithms, along with X11, are X13, X14, X15, Quark and Qubit. The additional algorithms are an interesting update to their miners. We were able to speak with Baikal about the upgraded miners and more.

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Baikal on Updated X11 Miners

Could you tell me a bit about Baikal, not much is known?

Baikal Miner Setup & Algo SetupThanks in advance for giving a great chance to introduce Baikal reputably through your interview.
We have been developing the total solution of the miner from 2013 and also have several success stories about Scrypt and SHA256 ASIC.

With the rich experiences in ASIC design and miner solution, we started developing X11 ASIC last year and successfully launched our robust and brilliant Baikal miner this year.

Baikal team is made up of over 20-years high career members in Semiconductor and IT and especially the entire miner…

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