2016/10/09 3:00 AM

An open source, blockchain-based project, Antshares, has reportedly raised $4.5 million in their ICO to help fund their blockchain that operates under an “Onchain universal blockchain” framework. In addition to this, they have also announced a partnership with software giant, Microsoft.

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Introducing Onchain’s Universal Blockchain Framework

The purpose of the Antshares project, which is located in Shanghai, China, is to digitize, record, and track physical goods and assets. This can range from real estate titles to corporate equity, from supply chain assets to creditors’ claims.

The larger picture has been staked out by Onchain’s founder and CEO and creator of Antshares, Da Hongfei. According to Hongfei, the Antshares team’s vision is to make Onchain a universal blockchain framework, which would make use of different plug-in modules that could be applied to…

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