2016/10/18 5:01 PM

Komodo (KMD), an anonymous cryptocurrency based on ZCash, launched a public ICO on October 15 that will last until November 20, 2016.

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Komodo: Full Anonymity Through Zero Knowledge Proofs


komodoSupporting zero knowledge proofs and secured by the Bitcoin hash rate, Komodo claims to be fully anonymous with Bitcoin-level blockchain security.

Operating on the delayed Proof of Work consensus model, the currency uses what developers call “custom transactions,” which are broadcast by Komodo’s “notary nodes.” Developers say that these notary nodes can be used by other currencies to secure their own blockchains.

According to a press release, this cryptocurrency has an operational testnet in place, with developers working on improving the protocol.

This project draws inspiration from Bitshares and Steemit, using a delegated proof of stake mining algorithm to “eliminate…

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