2016/10/25 6:50 AM

DopeCoin is up ten percent, Monero will shut down through January, and Ethereum Classic prepares for another hard fork. Want to catch up on your latest altcoin news? Read the stories below.

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cannabisPotheads are smoking it up in celebration as DopeCoin spikes in price by nearly ten percent.

The currency rose to new peaks just before national elections and states’ forthcoming decisions regarding the legality of marijuana and whether it should be regulated in today’s markets.

The company is also releasing what’s known as DopeMarket, which will serve as an eBay-type platform for a multitude of cannabis products. A DopeCoin representative explained:

“As we’ve seen with a recent competitor’s crypto-coin spike in price on recent news of California legalization and Canada broadening their reach, I think there is a huge potential to find a value add of crypto and the…

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