2016/10/20 12:14 PM

GameCredits gets bigger than ever, privacy issues surface surround Monero, and an intimate look at Europecoin. Welcome to our second altcoin report! Read on to get the latest news.

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London-based cryptocurrency platform GameCredits is not even two years old, but it’s making a massive name for itself with help from China. This country now lists it on Yuanbao, one of its largest digital currency exchanges. The company has been around since 2013 and boasts over 200,000 clients.

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GameCredits is often touted as currency developed by gamers for gamers. Developers work to utilize the currency for “inclusion in mainstream games,” which are enjoyed by over 15 million registered gamers annually.

CMO Jon Comer expressed enthusiasm over the move, saying:

“For us, this is the ideal partnership at the perfect time. Being able to develop a relationship with…

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