2016/10/18 7:26 AM

Gulden passes the $10 million USD mark, Ripple sees unusual trading activity, and Ethereum Classic crashes. Welcome to our first altcoin report! Check out the stories below to get the scoop.

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Altcoin Report


Gulden is a Dutch cryptocurrency headed straight for “top ten” territory. The coin surpassed the $10 million mark as of press time, and is on the verge of becoming one of the highest-ranking digital currencies in the world.

Gulden entered the altcoin world last year with little “fanfare,” as one source describes, but an adoption campaign among merchants in the Netherlands seems to have done the trick. The currency hit the $1 million mark last September and now stands at about $10.5 in what is arguably one of the fastest jumps recorded.

According to founder Rijk Plasman:

“We are on the right track with making our apps as user-friendly as…

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