2016/11/01 5:00 AM

Zcash trading goes through the roof; ether is the highest-performing cryptocurrency of 2016, and cross-border payments are possible through Ripple. Want to catch up on your latest altcoin news? Read the stories below.

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The recent launch of Zcash created a trading frenzy on Poloniex the other day, causing the price to reach an impressive $2 million per coin. It appears the currency’s status changed within a mere matter of seconds, although some attribute the high-level price hike to a potential error which may have added a few zeros to Zcash’s end.

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Presently, Zcash is in incredibly short supply. Approximately 100 coins have been mined thus far, while an additional 300 will be mined in the coming days. However, demand does appear to be relatively widespread. Recently, exchanges ranging from Kraken to Bitfinex have added the currency to their respective…

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