San Diego based bitcoin wallet provider AirBitz is opening a crowd equity funding round using WeFunder and BitPay. The JOBS Act’s lessening restrictions on Crowd Investing is being cited as to why it is possible.

News flash to anyone investing in obscure ICOs, your investment may not be legal, strictly speaking. The United States has traditionally held strict controls on who can invest in public offerings by companies. That changed earlier this year when the JOBS Act passed by Congress went into effect. That bill included a section on crowd equity campaigns. Previously, any potential investor in the United States needed to either have $1,000,000 in assets not including their primary residence or $200,000 in annual income for the past two years. U.S. companies dealt with this disadvantage for years, while companies in other nations, like the U.K. were not as restricted.

In order to deal with the evolving reality of the internet and the investment opportunities it provides, that…

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