2016/11/17 5:00 PM

KarmaToken gave the following Counterparty assets holders: SJCX, FLDC, Bitcrystals(BCY), Protoxenium, Pepecash, Tokenly, and CTGTOKENS, 511 KTN each of the 9000 wallets. Did you get some?

Disclaimer: This is a press release

KarmaToken Aims to Spread Blockchain Use


KarmaToken is a recently launched crypto-currency, marking the membership of a person to the Good Karma Society. This society fosters various software(APP) projects that will help people learn about blockchain technology.

The society is also currently processing the foundation of a non-profit organization that will have its base in France, which will eventually have their local chapters in other nations with Good Karma Society members.

The funds that will be raised through the said non-profit organization’s activities are being allocated to help in times of particular emergency needs (humanitarian efforts), which the interested members of the society can get…

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