2016/10/10 4:59 PM

Over the past few years, bitcoin has become popular among online gambling platforms. While some may argue that gambling operators have turned to bitcoin to make it easier to partake in illegal or unsavory activities, the fact is that online gambling is a thriving, legal and legitimate business.

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5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin for Online Gambling

online gambling bitcoinReputable online casinos are far from illegal. In reality, they keep in strict adherence with local laws. In many cases, casinos actually cut off service to certain regions due to regulatory restrictions. Bitcoin Games by Bitcoin.com, for example, does not allow people in the United States to play their games with real money due to the country’s gambling laws.

So then, why would an online casino want to use Bitcoin — a privacy-centric, encrypted currency — if it has no interest in breaking the law or skirting around…

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